Tuesday, December 31, 2013

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Membership Information
If you join DDM OPEN (Daily Dictation Members Open Classes), you will be receiving extended DD (Daily Dictation) classes. 

On our Daily Dictation YouTube channel, we learn only one sentence or two. That is good practice for learning a little and maintaining your skills...

BUT if you REALLY want to learn about pronunciation skills, if you REALLY want to improve your listening skills, if you REALLY want to learn about the cultural/historical background of the stories, you should join DDM OPEN! Only if you join DDM OPEN will you learn about the entire article/story/scene.


Each DDM lesson includes:
1.  Original video file for dictation.
2.  A PDF file for dictation. You also get a PDF file with the answers AND a glossary.
3.  An MP3 file of the original video.
4.  A class giving you the answers and explaining the pronunciation (an average of 30 minutes each class).
5.  A class explaining the story and giving cultural/historical background. (an average of 30 minutes each class).
6.  You can also watch the archive of LIVE classes with other students. This is a great chance to compare your ability with other students and to hear their questions! These videos are ALWAYS great to watch and will teach you even MORE than what was in the original lesson!!
7.  Access to our DDM community where you can practice with other DDM students! 

How to become a member?
How can you join? You have to buy a membership. On the RIGHT SIDE of this blog is the payment process. PayPal is the easiest way. Unfortunately, for some people, PayPal doesn't work. In that case, another way to pay is by using Western Union.

WESTERN UNION. If you want to use WU, please email me and I will give you my name and address!

www.westernunion.com Just change your country and follow the instructions. You might have to change the language, too.

If these payment methods do NOT work, I am sorry...I don't know of any other methods. If you have one to suggest, please let me know and I will look into it. BUT, I do want to add, I will be offering SCHOLARSHIPS (FREE tuition) to some people from time to time. So keep watching DD and pay attention!!

How do you receive your lessons?

Every month before the 5th, you will receive 8 DDM lessons. I will give you a link so that you can download/watch those lessons. The link works on PCs, Macs, iOS and Android!

Canceling your membership:
To cancel your order, just email me! PayPal transaction fees WILL be deducted from the order. Unfortunately, people using Western Union are NOT able to cancel. 

If you have questions, please ask! My email address:

dailydictationmembers AT gmail DOT com

I hope you enjoy DDM
Coach Shane